Meet The Maker

Howdy! My name is Savannah, aka Sav, aka the heart and soul behind Farmhouse Custom Co. I'm obsessed with cows, true crime and... tumblers. In 2019, I left my cooperate job, and in turn took on the greatest, most important roll... I became a mama! I've been blessed with the opportunity to stay home with my girls (we now have two; beautiful, healthy, wild, smart, independent, determined, adventurous little girls). One day, in 2020, I decided I wanted to make cups. I pursued this crazy idea and absolutely fell in love with making cups. My husband is my best friend and the foundation behind F.C.C. My #1 supporter, my Bob-The-Builder. I envision something and he brings it to life! With his love and support, I was able to chase my dream of sharing my passion with y'all! There's a cup for every occasion! Why not sip from a cup that stands out? They're great conversation starters, fun, unique and best of all?... made with love! Handcrafted by someone who pays attention to detail and loses sleep over trying to make these cups as perfect as humanly possible. Thank you for stopping by! I hope you snag a F.C.C. tumbler! Your support means the WORLD to me!!